Thursday, March 12, 2009

Msc in Informatics at the Universirty of Malawi

The University of Malawi has annaounced the introduction of a Masters degree programme in Informatics based at Chancellor College (Department of Mathematical Sciences)being run jointly with the Malawi Polytechnic(Department of computing and Information Technology) and the College of Medicine.
The rogramme will run for two years with the first year concentrating on the taught courses and the other for research.
I ,personally must congratulate the University for this innovative course ,it has been overdue.Iam not very sure what really are the logistics that the university needs to follow for it to start offering a masters course BUT i saw it as a matter of lack of creativity in our university. For example Mzuzu University has not been in the field for long but has been capable of introducing an Msc in coding and cryptography -which initially it looked as achallenge but so far the programme seems to be a success.
And i do not think that three institutions should sit down and offer one Msc ,what is the problem with Chancellor college ,or Polytechnic going it alone and just agree on the programme structure .
Maybe someone have answers to enlight my curiousity ,but i hope that this is the begining of more innovative in our university especially in the field of Sciences .

I can't wait to be the first student !!!!

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Khalika said...

I'm finally so excited that i managed to be one of the students to thos course and have finally completed my studies.