Wednesday, May 28, 2008

After the Break

I was abit off the site for some time since December ,actually i had a busy schedule that made posting something a bit difficult. A lot has happened ,we have seen our local IT Association ICTAM organising a DRP/BCP workshop .Honestly ICTAM and the facilitators need to be commended ,this is a good step in the right direction for it shows that issues of security as far as ICT is concerned can not be avoided. Interestingly i was impressed to see companies like National Bank of Malawi ,Celtel and others which offers real time ICT Services sending their employees to the workshop-this is great!
What i want to see now is companies creating positions of ICT Security Managers/Officers in their structures so that someone should be fully responsible for these security issues rather than the same person doing hardware ,software ,trainings and the like -This is time for specialisation ,and we need to move quickly in this area of ICT Security otherwise the Zimbabwe and South African Security Consultants will continue robbing our companies with their high and unjustied prices.


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mwatitu ziii. kuli bwanji kumeneko? victor kaonga ndi ine tikufuna kuyambitsa google group ya mabloga achimalawi. timafuna email address yanu.


victor ndi steve

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We couldn’t find your email address, so we just thought of leaving you this comment. As blogging and new forms of citizen media take on more significance in the lives of today's Internet users, Victor Kaonga and I have set up a googlegroup as well as a facebook group for those who promote Malawi through these tools. Please join us by visiting the two links below, and signing up.

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